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Friday, July 2, 2010

My Water Moments ~♥

This is my very first English post.
This is a long post.If you lazy to read,just see those highlighted. 

I love a Chinese phrase from the Taiwan drama {Autumn's Concerto}.
Here is my translation.
"Photo is a magic that can make time become eternal."
I believe in it. 

In order to make the blog looks attractive. 
Photos are important to the blog.
Camera is vital to the blogger too.

I as a blogger should take photos and share it with my blogger friends.
But I only have a ten years old camera and shared with the whole family.
And it is inconvenient for me to bring it with me all the time.
So, most of my posts is without photos and those with photos is taken by hand-phone(low quality).

Our world today is suffered with global warming.(Please love our earth!!♥)
Malaysia is a warm country and because of global warming the weather is getting hotter and hotter.
Water-proof camera - SONY Cyber-shot DSC TX5 is a must to ME.


I looked through all the photos in the computer and USB but i can not find any photo about my water moment.
But I could only find it in printed form,so i have to scan it into computer to post it out.
Clearly,I seldom take photo when playing with water as the camera we have is useless with water. 
My Water Moments without SONY TX5 is dull.
When i was 11 years old(2002),I went to Australia to visit my cousin.
She brought us to The Water World in Gold Coast.
There are a lot of water activities, a lot of moment to be capture.
But ended up with a few photo and the photo was just on top of water.
NO~is far away from water. 
In that time,the world still did not have permanent water-proof camera but do have temporarily.(I think so.)
My cousin brought a temporarily water-proof camera to take photos in water but this is expensive and only can take few photos only.The side of the camera is huge and heavy too. Not worthy since Costly and moderate quality photo we got in the end. 
 (Taken by the temporary water-proof camera.)

 At last, a photo after changing clothes and before going back to the hotel.
After so many fun I have,I could only find this two photos in my album.
Just after 8 years,the photo was in low quality already.

*I was a fat little girl during that time.how ugly i am..* 

That was the time we need the water-proof camera -SONY TX5 the most.
If i go there again,i must have SONY TX5 with me.
And I believe that even though after 10, 20...100 years,when i look back the photo, the photo still in a great mode(good quality).I believe.

Besides,when playing in the pool,my family/friends and I enjoy the moment very much.
I would like to capture the lovely family/friendship moment.
But with the camera I have which is non-water-proof .How can it happen??
Taking photo is just bringing down our mood AS : 
-  We need a volunteer to be the cameraman and none of us sacrifice.We decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors.(Loser = cameraman-of -the-day)
-  Cameraman will always yell to us in order to avoid accident to occur.“OMG careful, don't get the camera wet."Cameraman and we having a stressful moment.  
- I as the 1/2 owner of the camera, I will also ask the cameraman to be careful and don't get near to the water side cause accident has no smell , it happen any time any where. 
This have just make the moment stressful.
I having Not Fun At All...

My Water Moments with SONY TX5 
I can only dream about how will My Water Moment be with SONY TX5.
It must be FUN, ENJOYMENT and RELAX.
I can take photo while enjoying the water.
I can take photo in water in the relax mood.
can take photo while having a lot of fun.
I can take photo and joke around. 
I can take as many photo as we want and the photo is in good quality. 
This is the water moments that I really want.
I can play with a lot of poses underwater like most of the model do.
I know i am not pretty but still can act to be like them.

 Can be like Tziaaa and her sister having a lot of fun in water with SONY TX5.
Enjoy the sister-ship moment. 
The most important is the quality of photo is just like a professional camera. 

YEAH~ I can also take photos when playing those water activities like water slide cause SONY TX5 has a great feature that is shock-proof  and water-proof as well. 
Shock-proof + Water-proof = Best for water activities. 
I love diving and plan to go Sabah after my STPM. If i have SONY TX5 with me,I can capture a lot of underwater photos and take photos of me swimming with fishes.(SONY TX5 water-proof can go into water up to 3 meter.)
My life will become better and better with SONY TX5.
I will have a lot of amazing memory because of SONY TX5 especially in water.

The biggest different between with SONY TX5 and without must be the quality of photo, the quantity of photo, types of photo, the memory ,the fun, and the moment.

Besides water-proof, i like the most about SONY TX5 is Intelligent Sweep Panorama.
We can enjoy beautiful panoramic shots by sweeping the camera horizontally to create stunning landscape shots,or vertically to capture tall objects. 

Intelligent Sweep Panorama also recognises faces or subject movement automatically and cleverly stitches the photos together to create a natural-looking panoramic shot.

 Tziaaa test for Intelligent Sweep Panorama.

Other than those features i mentioned, SONY TX5 has a great design.
The look of SONY TX5 is gorgeous.
SONY TX5 is slim and light [Approx. 128g (Body), Approx. 144g (With Accessories)] , so easy for us to bring it along with us all the time to capture down nice view and nice moment.

That is why i like about SONY TX5.


SONY TX5  have the following features:
• Water-proof (up to 3 meters for up to 60 minutes*)
Shock-proof (allows drops of up to a height of 1.5m*)
 Dust-proof (get spotless images)
Temperature-proof (below freezing point up to –10ºC**)
• Handheld Twilight
• Intelligent Sweep Panorama
Anti-motion blur
• “Exmor R” CMOS SensorBacklight Correction HDR
• BIONZ Image Processor
• 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens 
Superb touchscreen operation 
Captures 720p HD video 
Backlight Correction HDR
* Demonstrates operability under test conditions determined by Sony.
It does not guarantee against damage, breakage or leakage in all environments.
** In low temperatures, the maximum number of available shots decreases. 

and available in five colours.

 For more details about SONY TX5 >click here< .

This was a contest of SONY TX5 with NUFFNANG.
>About the contest<

I already done what i need to do(write a post about My Water Moment).
Now , i only can pray to win the SONY TX5
I really want it so much.

Actually I started this post in the June holiday,but just do not dare to post it.
As I want to make it perfect to increase my chance to win. 

I make a promise here.
If I have won,I will write a continue post about My Water Moments with SONY TX5.


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